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7PSolutions - Unique Service Offerings to the Food Industry Supply Chain

7PSolutions provides unique service offerings to all companies involved in the food industry supply chain. Providing complete global visibility and management tools to ensure compliance with global food safety regulations and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA). Established in April 2010, 7PSolutions has quickly become a leading provider of GPS technologies utilized to manage the entire supply chain allowing our clients to ensure product integrity, protect company brand and improve efficiencies within their supply chains and inventory levels. A proven system improving customer satisfaction, creating operational efficiencies and reducing product loss.

Food safety modernization act

New regulations for any industry raise questions from top level management as well as through the ranks of any organization. The Food Safety Modernization Act is no different and leaves many companies questioning what it means for them, how do they comply and what will be the effect to the bottom line.

7PSolutions was established to provide services which are compliant with various Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other global regulations, including the FMSA. 7PSolutions business model was built upon the principles and guidelines of FDA quality requirements. Utilising the services of 7PSolutions brings our clients into compliance with FSMA and other global regulations by providing real-time GPS tracking capabilities which allow for real-time decision making to ensure product integrity and protection of brand. Providing the ability to provide complete chain of custody throughout the supply chain.

Climate control supply chains

Ensuring food products are maintained at the proper conditions throughout the supply chain have never been more important to comply with the growing regulations and ensure consumer safety and satisfaction. Whether during storage or transport, 7PSolutions provides real-time GPS technologies which provide our clients with important information relating to how product is being handled.

Each product can be managed using sensors that relate directly to that product from temperature, humidity, light exposure as well as shock and vibration. Providing real-time environmental conditions allows our clients to make immediate decisions to recover product and ensure proper conditions are maintained. Eliminating uncertainty at the point of delivery, providing quality assurance and compliance with FMSA regulations.

Loss prevention

Within thp food products supply chain loss prevention means a few different things, first and foremost we think - spoilage due to improper conditions during storage or transport. However there is another risk within the supply chain and that is loss due to cargo theft or pilferage. 7PSolutions is a leading authority and service provider of cargo theft and loss prevention technologies. Using our unique GPS technologies 7PSolutions protects our clients' brands by establishing sophisticated security protocols within the supply chain. 7PSolutions provides a variety of GPS tools to assist in reducing and eliminating product loss due to cargo theft or pilferage.

These tools include independent package, carton and pallet embedment as well as various covert trailer, truck and vehicle devices. Real-time visibility, risk assessment and individual client security protocols bring a balance to our clients and assist in loss prevention and brand protection.

Carrier and service provider performance

A very important component of the food products supply chain is carrier and service provider performance. Whether they are providing transportation or storage services having real-time visibility to your climate control supply chain is invaluable. Maintaining a transparent perishable supply chain is paramount to ensuring compliance with FMSA and other global regulations as well as maintaining a confident satisfied customer.

7PSolutions software as a service (SaaS) allows our clients to monitor and manage their supply chain service providers in real-time. From on-time departures and arrivals, to cargo theft and ability to properly maintain product integrity - hold your supply chain accountable.

One system one platform

The hardware and software provided by 7PSolutions provides complete real-time visibility to the entire food supply chain and allows our clients to manage based on real-time data. Our clients, based on log-in credentials use our RouteWatch platform to manage product integrity, loss prevention, carrier performance and inventory levels.

7PSolutions eliminates the need for different technologies to ensure our clients compliance to regulations such as FMSA. Implementation of our RouteWatch platform provides visibility and management based on client specific "exceptions" to their Quality Assurance, Loss Prevention, Logistics and Ordering and Inventory management groups, without the need for downloading software or managing data. Our RouteWatch platform is web based, easily integrated with other platforms and all data is maintained live for five years.


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