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ACRAM - Food and Beverage Industry Automation Systems

For more than two decades, ACRAM has been at the forefront of milk metering, sampling and transportation apparatus for the dairy industry, as well as plant automation and microfiltration for the wine industry. ACRAM was established in 1991 and is located in the Valpolicella region between Lake Garda and Verona in northern Italy.

ACRAM office

Processing and transportation systems for the dairy industry

ACRAM develops, designs and manufactures highly innovative, patented systems to allow accurate, sustainable and hygienic processing and transportation protocols.

This includes temperature and PH control of milk, sensor checking for the position of transfer valves, volume and origin control for every tank compartment, and the monitoring of average temperatures of the transferred milk mass when in compartments. These innovations have gone some way to revolutionising the way the world's most important dairy producers process and transport their product.

Project planning and management

From planning to design, and from manufacture to installation, monitoring and maintenance, ACRAM's team oversees all aspects of the project, and constantly liaises with the client to produce tailor-made systems that will obtain the best results in terms of accuracy, efficiency and hygiene.

All aspects of production are undertaken with strict adherence to the guidelines and laws that ACRAM is certificated and approved to follow.

Metering systems and metrological laboratory

As well as manufacturing metering systems, ACRAM also has an in-house metrological laboratory which calibrates, tests and records the results of its apparatus. This laboratory works within the strictest European guidelines and directives to provide precision feedback to the client and to ACRAM's in-field operatives.

GPS tracking systems

Working with and incorporating up-to-the-minute satellite technology, ACRAM can accurately pinpoint the location of a tanker throughout its collection circuit. It will then, using the co-ordinates, identify the farmer, and during the milk transfer, register the position of the filled compartments.

During milk discharge, ACRAM systems can register compartment positions and produce an accurate discharge record. These results are transferred simultaneously to the data elaboration centre by GPRS, thus allowing greater traceability.

ACRAM and the wine industry

Thanks to its location in one of Italy's most important wine regions, ACRAM has extended its expertise into devising, manufacturing and maintaining apparatus for the wine industry. ACRAM produces highly innovative yet user friendly crossflow and micro filtration systems that have been adopted throughout the world where wine is produced. The company also produces state-of-the-art automated CIP cleaning units that can ensure a more sanitary environment, which in turn guarantees that all-important purity of product.

Crossflow, microfiltration and CIP apparatus

In the development of its crossflow and micro filtration apparatus, ACRAM has worked closely with the wine industry to produce highly-evolved, yet easy to use apparatus that includes the most sought-after features in the wine making process, such as wine warming, filtration of wine and water, gum arabic dosage control, and the ability to produce and distribute warm water for the cleaning of filters and filling machines, as well as integrated CIP rinsing and cleaning.

ACRAM traceability

ACRAM apparatus is designed with the ability to register and control all variables of the filtration and cleaning processes from beginning to end. This innovation gives rise to greater 'traceability', which has become the watch-word for a more sanitary and consumer-conscious industry in recent times.

ACRAM worldwide

Over the last two decades, many important international companies in both the dairy and wine sectors have adopted ACRAM apparatus, and are extremely pleased with the results. Contact us to see how we can benefit your operations.


Loc. C.S. Pigna 13
37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR)
Tel: +39 045 6835411
Email: info@acram.it
Website: www.acram.it