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Bayn - Sugar Reduction Solutions, Natural Sweeteners

Bayn Europe AB, a Swedish company based in Stockholm, offers market driven solutions for natural and healthier sweeteners based on Stevia to the European food and beverage industry. Bayn is listed at First North at Nasdaq Stockholm (shortname BAYN).

Natural alternatives for sugar

As a knowledge-based, innovative company with strong roots in scientific research and development in the field of Stevia, Bayn has a proven record of providing the industry with successful and cost-effective product solutions for sugar and calorie reduction using natural ingredients, under the brand name EUREBA®. EUREBA®, which is available as EUREBA® Basic and EUREBA® Functional, is positioned on the market as a quality product that comes with the added value of technical expertise, innovation and customised solutions.

Bayn calorie-free sweetners

Bayn's business concept
Bayn's business concept is to develop, market and sell natural and calorie-free sweeteners and other natural ingredients with added value in the form of technical support, to the European food and beverage industry, through strategic partnerships with leading European distributors of food ingredients.

Stevia sugar reduction

Bayn's approach to the market
Bayn stands out from other Stevia players through their different approach to the market. Instead of simply offering Stevia as an ingredient in itself Bayn also develops ready-made EUREBA® blends, naturally flavoured, with added bulk and texture, and with a reliable stability in the production process. These blends are developed together with the customers, according to their needs and wishes, making the switch to market very fast. The EUREBA® blends cover the full range of sugar and calorie reduced products, requested by the market.

In addition to internal resources and staff with extensive knowledge of the area and solid experience from the pharmaceutical industry, Bayn also works in close cooperation with leading professors in Stevia and food research, both in Europe and China. Bayn runs its own technical laboratory in Stockholm.


Artificial sweetener alternatives

Bayn's partnerships - Barentz and R2 Group
Bayn works in cooperation with the leading food and beverage distributor Barentz for Europe as a whole and with R2 Group, a Danish production and distribution company within food ingredients and food solutions, for the Nordic market in particular.

Geert Ingelbert, vice president of Barentz Food Solutions, says the following about Barentz' partnership with Bayn: "Since our focus is on quality, service and innovation, we want to offer our customers the highest quality Stevia on the market. EUREBA® is a quality product and Bayn's scientific team also offers us additional applications support and is highly innovative in its own research for new Stevia applications. All of these benefits were very important to us in choosing Bayn as our Stevia supplier."

Steen Nordmark, chief commercial officer at R2 Group, says the following about their choice to partner with Bayn: "R2 Group has chosen Bayn as Stevia partner for our sugar reduction strategy because of its different approach to the market, where they offer ready-made EUREBA® blends, developed and perfected together with their customers."


Bayn's contracted manufacturers
The production of EUREBA® Basic is outsourced to selected and appointed manufacturers in China, that meet Bayn's quality requirements, and follow Bayn's CCP standard (Critical Control Points, for the maintenance of the critical flavour profile and purity). Bayn has conducted a comprehensive study of each of the selected refineries based on their technology and quality focus throughout the whole production chain, from cultivation, refining, extraction and manufacturing.

The ability to choose between four devoted manufacturers allows for Bayn to adapt to shifting demands and on short notice deliver high volumes of EUREBA® Basic to the European market.


Industrial Research Industry member
Bayn is an active member of and has regular monthly meetings with the industrial research institute SIK, the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology. Together Bayn and SIK have made a flavour analysis of EUREBA® Basic, which now serves as a reliable foundation in new product development.

Calorie reduction

Bayn's Quality Management
Bayn has developed a management system, Bayn Quality Management System, for quality assurance based on decades of experience in quality work in Swedish multinational pharmaceutical companies. This system manages quality issues in detail right from the planting of the Stevia seedling to the finished product and guarantees a uniform good quality for product purity, hygiene factors and the absence of pesticide residues. The quality system has been developed and implemented in accordance with the standard in Europe for the pharmaceutical industry. The quality system is one of the cornerstones of Bayn as a company. All subcontractors are committed to the quality system.


Bayn's vision and mission
Bayn's vision is to enable a healthy life style by providing natural healthier, sweetener alternatives.

Bayn's mission is to develop and provide an innovative portfolio of natural and healthier sweeteners to food and beverage manufactures in Europe.

Bayn strives to be ahead of the competition with high quality products and solutions at competitive prices.

Sugar substitutes

Said about EUREBA®
"We have tested more than 100 different deliveries of Stevia, the result shows that Bayn's product EUREBA® has the best quality."
Professor Jan Geuns, Belgium

"EUREBA® has the purest taste so that we do not need any masking agent, thus reduced the costs."
Zbysko (beverages), Poland"We have tested more than 20 competitive products, EUREBA® was by far the best."
Mulder (müsli), Belgium


Bayn Europe AB
Hornsgatan 79
118 49 Stockholm , Sweden
Phone +46 8 613 28 88
Fax +46 8 459 83 80
E-mail: info@bayn.se
Website: www.bayn.se